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Port Moresby
April 20, 2021

Japanese Pray For Blessings

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by Lorraine Gabina – EM TV International, Port Moresby

While the rest of the world greeted the new year with lights, fireworks and many other loud festivities, in Tokyo, Japan, thousands flocked to various temples and shrines around the city to pray for the gods’ first blessings in the New Year.

People from all walks of life, with one belief; that the gods will hear their prayers, while they made offerings in front of the shines.

Prayers varied from blessings of dance improvement, and even help in budgeting. A company worker from Osaka visiting Tokyo shrine, Kaori Tsutsumi, said, “I also want to save up this year. I want to win the lottery! I was disappointed because I lost the lottery last year-end. I will try again this year.”

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