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January 25, 2022
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James Marape group accepts call to join Pangu

James Marape and other members of parliament  who defected from the People’s National Congress have accepted an invitation to  join Pangu Pati.

One week ago, Pangu was effectively without  a Party without a Parliamentary wing after 15 MPs resigned.

The only member who remained  was  Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu.  He was appointed by the party council using provisions in the party constitution.  It was the only way the party  could remain relevant in  any vote of no confidence motion.

Today,  the interim Party Leader,   invited James Marape and other former  People’s National Congress Party MPs to join the Pangu. They accepted.

“Pangu Pati  gave political Independence to PNG. Now,  I invite them to come and help us give PNG’s economic Independence.”

In 21 days,  Pangu morphed  from an embattled,  revived,  pre-independence political force to a zero membership.  Then today, it registered  21  members including  James Marape.

Behind the scenes,  MPs  associated with Pangu have been trying to keep the party’s  alive.

The primary reason has been the historical legacy  of the party,  its association with the founding father of Papua New Guinea and  the fact that it represented  a collection of leaders from all over the country during independence.

“The core belief of Pangu for uniting the nation is the same shared by all of us…Empowering the people…growing the economy,” James Marape said.

Going forward,  James Marape says Pangu is better poised to take on future challenges as they prepare for  the vote of no confidence motion.

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