iPhone Battery Case lasts for 25 hours

By Daphne Rasehei – Emtv Online

iPhones have been regarded as extraordinary devices, and Apple has come up with a battery extension pack or Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6s that’s just $99.

The invention slips onto the iPhone like a regular case, rather than separating into pieces and clipping around like some third-party solutions.

It’s available in two colours — charcoal and white — with a microfiber lining on the inside and silicone exterior.

The Smart battery case will allow you to talk for 25 hours and browse the web for 18 hours. It can be charged using Apple’s branded Lightning connector.

iPhone will monitor the charging needs for itself and for the Smart Battery Case, means it will intelligently balance between charging the internal battery and the smart battery cover. And if it receives enough power, it’ll charge both the devices simultaneously.

It is high time Apple should start paying attention to the power needs for its devices.

Though the Smart battery case is not as “magical” as Apple’s other products, it is a major solution to the iPhone users biggest nightmare, the battery life.




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