Ikupu Calls for Reconciliation

Chairman ofthe Motu Koita Assembly, Miria Ikupu has called on NCD Governor Powes Parkop and ther stakeholders to burytheir differences and work with him to improver living standards ofthe Motu Koita people.


He says a reconciliation ceremony will be planned to see thatthese differences will be burlied once and for all.

He madethese remarks duringthe swearing in ceremony ofthe Motu Koita Assembly on yesterday, held atthe Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby.


Present was Motu Koita Assembly Chairman, Miria Ikupu and his council members, included were two female representatives.


The formalities were officiated bythe Acting Chief Magistrate of Papua New Guinea Mr. Mekeo Gauli.


Funding constraints has been an impediment to development inthe Motu Koita areas.


And one of Mr. Ikupu’s immediate goals this term would be to re-establish dialogue with all stakeholders, NCDC andthe National government to develop Motu Koita.


Mr. Ikupu describedthe current funding arrangement for the assembly as unacceptable, and wants it to be directly included inthe National Budget.


The people of Motu Koita continue to be marginalized ontheir land, andthe assembly plans to stop this throughthe Motu KoitaLand:udit.


The Audit has been completed, and submission recommendations made tothe Prime Minister andthe National Government for funding.

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