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The villagers who receive education services from Watabung Primary School in the Daulo District of Eastern Highland Province have been urged by the local member Ekime Gorosahu to take ownership of the properties and valuable assets belonging to the school.

This comes after the member announced on Friday that the school will now be converted to Watabung Day Junior High School in front of 4000 plus people gathered to witness the opening of a new double classroom.

The announcement of converting the primary school to a junior high school is timely as the 2023 academic year commences tomorrow.

The local member Gorosahu opened a new double classroom funded by the provincial Government at the cost of K1.2 million through the Public Support Improvement program (PSIP) grants.

He also committed K120, 000 towards Watabung Day High School’s board and administration.

Mr Gorosahu said human resources development is important and priority will be given to education to provide the necessary support needed.

“Human resource development is very important as there is not enough land for agriculture because of the mountainous vegetation. The only way is for the kids to be educated, work and help the people by bringing services back to their community,” MP Gorosahu said.

Daulo MP said the most important thing now is the school fee component as he went on to clarify that the government said free education for elementary to Grade 12 for 2023.

Local member added that if the school board or teachers charge project fees, parents must notify them to penalize those who are defying orders.

On that note, MP Gorosahu also announced that they have made an upfront payment of K1 million to the tertiary institutions around the country for the 139 plus tertiary students from Daulo District.

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