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Home Remedies for the Mosquito Invasion

The festive season came with a lot of rain, and mosquitos are common when its rainy season.

I am pretty sure, like me, you all have been attacked to death by mosquitoes in your yards, verandas/balcony’s and even in your homes.

These tiny blood suckers know no limit. They will invade your home and make themselves comfortable in the dark corners and wait for you to hit the lights, the brave ones go for the kill when you’re awake, lights on and everything.

I’m sure you’ve seen another family member jumping around clapping in the air, or going on stealth mode like they are on a high profile mission.

I don’t want to see the human race go down because of some tiny creature that makes a fool out of even the most respected people, so I’ve put down four cheap and easy ways to get rid of these pesky critters.

The carbon dioxide that we exhale attracts mosquitos.
Dry ice emits a lot of carbon dioxide. So place dry ice in a container and keep it at a distance. When all the mosquitos are attracted to the container close the lid. It’s time consuming but an effective way of ridding mosquitos.

A simple way of repelling mosquitos is coffee grounds.
All you need to do is sprinkle coffee grounds wherever you find stagnant water around the house. The mosquito eggs present in the water will be forced to come to the surface of the water due to the coffee grounds. As they come to the surface, they will be deprived of oxygen. This will kill them before they are hatched and will prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Another simple way to get rid of mosquitos is by putting a few squirts of dishwashing soap on a saucer, with a little bit of water and the mosquitos should be gone. You can use any sort of washing powder for this remedy too.

Mosquitos hate garlic.
If you just had a meal that contained a good amount of garlic (a clove) mosquitos will surely leave you alone. This tip works and if you are willing to down a clove of garlic every meal time than this is your remedy.

Even if you follow these tips, unfortunately may still be bitten by mosquitos.

So here are two helpful tips to ease the pain of a mosquito bite. You can use the peel of a banana on a fresh bite or cold water on the bite. It should ease the pain and itch of a mosquito bite.

And for the beer drinkers, its true mosquitos are attracted to those who consume beer. If you’re drinking beer in your backyard, expect to be bitten. Or you can eat garlic and drink beer, sound good? If you’re feeling generous you can fill cups of beer and place them on your veranda, it’s a great bait for mosquitos.

To date there are more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes found around the world, not that you can tell which species just got smashed on your arm.

A fun fact; Mosquitos belong to the family of Culicidae of the arthropods Insecta order, which is the largest type of the animal kingdom. And lastly mosquito is a Spanish word meaning “little fly”.

The internet is a gallery of life hacks proven by other people. Take time out of your busy schedules to read and research. There’s definitely someone out there who has come across your problem before and found a solution.



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