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Homemade Fried Banana Chips

by Marie Kauna – EMTV Online, Port Moresby


Crispy fried banana chips are simple and tasty snack that can be prepared anywhere and anytime of the day. The preparation is common and most people today prepare crispy banana chips to sell at roadside stalls or markets.

To prepare the banana chips, all you need is a bunch of bananas. It can be one or more depending on how much you want to prepare for your family.

First, peel the bananas, wash them to ensure they are clean, before you start frying.

Before you beginning the frying process, slice your bananas into smaller shapes or sizes. Using a banana slicer, chips slicer or even a knife, you can slice the bananas to your preferred size(s).

Once your banana is ready, they are ready for they frying pan.

Add cooking oil to your pan, filling the bottom of the pan to a level where the banana can float and fry quickly. Once it boils, add the sliced bananas into the pan.

Fry the bananas for about a minute on each side until the your bananas reach a lovely golden colour, or until nice and crispy.

Once it’s ready, remove your fried bananas and serve onto a clean plate, dish or tray.

You can add salt if you’d like, or maybe some sugar for those with a sweet tooth. Once all is done your crispy, banana chips are ready to be eaten.

A very simple recipe, which is incredibly fast and easy to prepare.

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