Henganofi District Pays K2.1 million for Tertiary students

Image: Crowd gathered to hear Henganofi MP and Police Minister, Robert Atiyafa during presentation.

The district Development Authority is paying for 900 students, this year it’s spending over K2 million, that amount is expected to increase with more students still getting offers.

“We have to look at investing in different schools and different skill sets, and not be confined to one faculty,” Minister Atiyafa said.

Minister Atiyafa is presenting the cheque in the shadow of the forthcoming National General elections despite the financial problems faced by the country affecting district funding, Henganofi students have been fortunate enough to get support from the Government.

Robert Atiyafa, is a member of the People’s National Congress party and a state minister, he views education as a key area to spend government funds.

He says it’s an investment made for the country’s future.

“We must train our own to take charge of those industries and resources that need to be developed in our district,” Atiyafa said.

While this move maybe seen as political, the district has been paying for schools fees for the last five years. It’s spent over K9 million of public funds.

The policies of Free Education and Health has been promoted by the PNC-led National Government through out its five year reign, and with elections approaching, it has become a pillar that could put the party in the minds of the people.

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Blanka Kepsy 20/02/2017 at 10:58

Its a great privilege having such leader who Put Human Resource a priority for the district despite crisis. Critiques can be made but paying school fees all comes in one package for the district in the future development aspects. Thumbs Up RA

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