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Head Teacher Calls on Authorities to Bring Quality Education to Morobe Primary

By Julie Badui Owa – EMTV News, Lae


Located in Suena in the Morobe Patrol Post area of Huon Gulf district, the Morobe Primary School is one of the oldest in the province.

A senior teacher from the primary school, says the school lacks support from the Education Division, provincial and local level governments.

Acting Head Teacher, Robert Roy, who has been teaching in Morobe Primary School for more than 7 months told EMTV News in Lae that the school has faced difficulties operating due to teachers refusing to teach at the school.

The poor quality of teaching and learning has become an issue of concern for this school; including deteriorating infrastructure.

The buildings were built by the PNG Forest more than 25 years ago and have deteriorated over the years. Roy and his wife Vicky, struggle to maintain the building that accommodate them.

The school has more than three hundred students and nine teachers.

The primary school is a government school established in the 1960’s during the colonial days. It is accessible by boat.

Mr Roy said the school operated without a head teacher since academic classes resumed this year.

He said it has always been a challenge for teachers teaching at Morobe Primary school; adding that the tuition fee free funds could not sustain the school because of students leaving school and teachers refusing to teach there.

He has called on higher authorities to help bring quality education back to Morobe LLG.

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