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Haus & Home – Episode 49, 2016

This week on Haus and Home, we bring to you tasty cooking recipes, shopping ideas, tips on home decors, grooming and much more. Your home and your lifestyle are the very important areas that need careful attention.

We begin with Easy Meals with Nicole preparing the home-made Caesar Salad. Certain people have a different way of preparing their own Caesar Salad, but this evening, we get to see how Nicole does it her way.

If you’re travelling this Christmas, and you need new travelling bags, Brian Bell, is the place to go. Brian Bell’s travelling bags are of great quality, very handy and fantastic for the entire family. The best part is they are very affordable.

Izabell Druma presents some of the amazing homemade remedies you can try out at home, using natural ingredient, easy to find and very affordable for skin care.

We join Dr.Ambi on Healthy Minds with more advice on how to go about celebrating a trouble-free Christmas.

Speaking of improving your lifestyle, keeping up with the latest technology is mere bonus on how you can keep up with what’s new and innovative. Adding a new home theatre system for a home party, large events, or just small gathering with friends. Showing the hot new buzz is Godfree Kaptigau, with tek pipol

Now with Christmas just around the corner, you may be running on a tight budget. Looking to get accessorized can be difficult, or if you’re looking to make a little cash on the side, ladies this one is for you. Have a look at Home Habits for another brilliant idea with Izabell Druma.

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