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Haus & Home – Episode 4, 2017

In this week’s edition of Haus and Home, we feature a collection of educational programming; animal conservation, make-up tips, shopping tips and ideas with Brian Bell, back to school DIY’s, Kolos Yu Werim, and some latest news on Tek Pipol.

Grooming is one part of our everyday obligation. In this edition, Aikeya Parkop shows us some tips on how you can apply make-up step by step. Starting with the Primer, the foundation, foundation Contour, Banana Powder, the Blush and finally the lipstick.

On Shopping with Brian Bell, Leon Gawi features a variety of Brian Bell Seeds and Garden Tools.

On Tek Pipol, we join Godfreeman for some latest Tech News and more information on the Toro Gaming Tournament.

Home Habits is more like a gift sack but then it has strings that tightens or closes an opening, more like pulling strings on both ends. We have Tinzey to help us out with this project.

Kolos Yu Werim, Izabell Druma is joined by Theresa Miria who shows you another tip on how you can transform an old pair of jeans into a cute Jogger pants.

Finally, Gardening with the Port Moresby Nature Park features the popular program that comes on annually, Kids for Conservation. In this program, we speak with Ishimu Bebe, one of the education officers at the Nature Park about the importance of conserving our environment, etc.

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