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By Sharon Engnui

24th of February a National Remembrance Day, where the nation of Papua New Guinea came to a stand still to observe and remember the nation’s founding father the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

Two years ago on the 26th of February, the nation of Papua New Guinea came to stand still to the Devastating news of the passing of the great man that led this country fearlessly to its sovereignty, the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

The late Grand Chief died at the age of 84 where 56 years of his life were dedicated to leading this country into independence and nurturing this country.

He played a pivotal role in PNG’s Modern politics. Respect for the constitutions is what the late Grand Chief always pushed for.

He was the symbol of unity, forgiveness and humility. He has been remembered for uniting the whole country with over 800 languages with diverse cultures and traditions.

His legacy is the reminder to citizens to stand united despite differences in provincial affiliates, traditions and customs.

Late Sir Michael’s youngest daughter Dulciana Somare Brash expressed on her Facebook page and I quote.

 “today on this day a public holiday in his memory I am deeply honored that generations of Papua New Guineans feel the great loss of my dada’s physical presence and his unique brand of modest and quality relationship.”

She further emphasized that PNG can grow and change on our terms as with the freedom and rights her father fearlessly fought for.

She adds from here the institutions of state are monuments of his journey and treasured dreams for this nation may passé on this dream with integrity now to the future generations of this country, always remembering his original gestures of reverence to unity and peace in the nation.

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