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Five Police Officers Suspended over Death Allegations

Five police officers in Lae have been suspended, following allegations that they were involved in the death of the man, whose body was found opposite the Lae showground’s on Monday morning.

It is alleged that these officers picked up three men from the Kapiak Street in the Boundary road area. One of these men was found dead, floating in the “raun wara” on Monday morning.

Details of what may have happened between the time the men were picked up, to when the body was found is under investigation.

Relatives of the victim identified the vehicle, and the officers who were allegedly involved.

Lae Police boss, Anthony Wagambie Jr and his senior officers took immediate action in suspending the officers, whilst investigations into the death continue.

Mr. Wagambie said the Lae police have been working hard to earn the trust and confidence of the general public, and such allegations against a minority of officers will tarnish that image.

He has assured the relatives of the deceased, as well as the general public that these officers will be investigated and the matter will be dealt with.

Meanwhile, the unit has been disbanded, disarmed and suspended to allow investigations to continue.

The deceased was identified to be from Sinesine in the Chimbu Province.

The cause of death is still unknown.

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