Fishing business in Port Moresby affected due to APEC restrictions to night fishing

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By Sharlyne Eri –  EMTV News, Port Moresby 

Fishermen who sell at the Koki Fish Market have seen a temporary decline in business due to APEC restrictions to night fishing.

Fisherman, Quentin Ofae, says many of them fish at night and they have been greatly affected since the restriction took effect.

When EMTV visited the Koki Fish market this morning (Friday 16), it was almost empty. According to regular sellers, it was like this since Monday (November 12).

A normal day at the market would be congested with a wide variety of fresh seafood. But, today, it was just fish and shells, most of which were caught the previous morning.

Fishermen were restricted by APEC security authorities, not to fish at night because they were using lights that could raise security alerts.

Before the APEC week commenced, members of the Police and Defence Force, visited the market to raise awareness on the restricted zones.

Market Manager, Geelong Auma said there was no plan to close the market; however, most of the sellers were intimidated by the awareness message. He added that they were not alerted on how APEC could boost their business; therefore most had now made a loss.

The Koki Fish market cost K10 million to build. It was opened in 2017 by NCD Governor Powes Parkop, purposely to benefit people from villages along the Motuan coastline.

The few weeks of APEC have greatly affected their business; however, most have opted to enjoy the comforts of their homes, away from the busy city.

Sharlyne Eri

Graduated from UPNG in 2015 with a Degree in Literature and English Communication. She started with The National Newspaper in 2016 as a News Reporter and then was moved up to a Sub Editor, the following year (2017). She is among four trainee journalists at EMTV. Television is quite different from print media, however, she is determined take on the challenge. Her passion lies in reporting on issues concerning health and children.