Family Values Missing, says Fr. Victor Roche

Family values need to be strengthened for the common good of Papua New Guinean societies.

General Secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, Fr. Victor Roche, says that this can be achieved if churches play their role in nourishing the family life foundation.

Fr. Victor says the world can become a better place to live in, free from harm and violence if all authorities work together to improve the life of individuals and living standards.

He made this call following his attack over the weekend at the Gordons Market in Port Moresby, where five men ransacked him and walked off with his personnel belongings.

“I was attacked by 5 rascals on Saturday January 14. After they searched my pocket and got what they wanted, they walked away without any fear,”

Gordons Market has become a breeding hub for opportunists, making it unsafe for the public to enjoy the freedom of movement.

Fr. Victor predicted, more petty crimes will increase in such hotspots like Gordons this year, because the focus will be on the National General Election.

On a personnel note, Fr. Victor says youths taking part in illegal activities like stealing indicates the lack of family values instilled within oneself and their families.

And this also calls for a need, for the government to address the unemployment rate of the country.

Fr. Victor says, citizens of this country, have the right to enjoy their freedom of movement without any disturbances.

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