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Exclusive: Woman driver saves family from attempt hold-up

The incident occurred right on the afternoon of Saturday 21 October, 2017.

The victim was travelling home with her family after a drive up to the Sogeri plateau.

It was here that she reversed uphill at full speed for about 200 metres before she found enough space to turn the vehicle around and head back to Sogeri.

In the edited 52-second video posted on social media, there were sedans that were involved.

But the actual video which was given to EMTV News is a 6-minute clip of the moments leading to the ordeal.

The video shows two sedans, allegedly involved in the attempted car jerking, a Nissan Ute and the victim’s vehicle.

The victim tells us that she first became suspicious when the brown sedan tried to run into her lane.

And she noticed debris on the road which she did not see earlier on the drive.

It became more suspicious when she saw both vehicles stop in front of her for at least a minute before one overtook the other.

The victim and her family also overtook the white sedan and it was here that she became more cautious and drove at minimum speed.

By now, her vehicle was sandwiched by the two sedans. She continued driving until she passed another vehicle which signalled for her to stop so it could turn in.

The family continued driving down until the sedan in front turned and blocked the road and about four men rushed out of them with weapons.

And this was where the victim, just reversed the vehicle all the way back, without thinking of how narrow the road was or the nearby cliffs.

She tells us that it was her children that she wanted to protect and it was the first time for her to do such a risky but courageous maneuverer.

Central Police say, while it is police duty to monitor the highways, Central province is a massive area of operations and with the limited manpower and logistical support, they urged the travelling public to be cautious when moving around.

There were many similar cases but fortunately, this one was captured on camera.

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