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Port Moresby
April 18, 2021
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Encouraging Local Entrepreneurs

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Governor Ipatas, who is known for investing heavily in education in his province, has always been vocal about the Government’s investment in PNG’s human resource.

“I’m a firm believer in educating people, especially our citizens because through education we can compete, we can be competitive, with other international friends,” the Enga Governor said.

However, he said investing in education is one thing but what those people do after being educated is another thing.

Speaking about the real estate business in the country, he said giving prime land away is not the way to go, but Papua New Guineans should be encouraged to invest in the land.

“We are eventually giving all our prime land away and here we come to a good development – at a corner…Who is occupying all the good land? all the prime land in this city and all over the country is being occupied by foreigners – I don’t want to say that the foreigners are not good investors in our country but I think they can invest in areas that we cannot,” Sir Peter continued on to say, “In terms of real estate, I think Papua New Guineans are capable of investing in real estate.”

The Governor was proud to open a lodging facility at Gordon’s in Port Moresby that has been built by an Engan from humble beginnings and many challenges.

“…Because we have built it ourselves, locally – let’s do it locally to see if our nation PNG could be taken back, if individuals with real characters are properly identified,” Tiam Maso, Real Estate Business Owner said.


By Dennis Orere – EM TV News, Port Moresby



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