EMTV and Education Department to Strenthen TV Learning

EMTV and Media Niugini Limited, have partnered withthe National Education Department to futher develop its education through television program, EQUIT.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding between EMTV and DOE, both parties will be working to provide better quality broadcast services to enhancethe EQUIT project.


Today, Secretary for Education, Dr. Michael Tapo, signed off onthe supplying of 400 television decoders from EMTV.


These decoders, already activated, will replacethe 200 already in use by schools throughoutthe country.


The management of Media Niugini Limited, agreed to providethe decoders, free of charge.


Currently,the decoders in use, are operating on satellite signals which are relayed by towers and rely heavily on line of sight.


The new decoders, will be operating at a more efficient satellite signal, which can be received, regardless of terrain and lack of infrastructure.


This swithchover will occur inthe second week of February, 2014.


EMTV News Manager, Neville Choi, when presentingthe first ofthe decoders to Secretary Tapo, impressed on himthe importance of havingthe decoders onthe ground and atthe schools beforethe end of January.


Dr. Tapo assured Mr. Choi, and EMTV, thatthe responsibility would be taken up bythe Education Media Centre, and EQUIT Project team.


The swithch-over of decoders, will be carrlied out throughoutthe country, and public awareness onthe swithch-over through Television and radio services, have already commenced.

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