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Elections through the Eyes of a Street Seamster

Elections in the Eyes of a Seamstress_Kua

Specialised in both dressmaking and tailoring, Mawe Kua, a seamstress at Gordons suburb of Port Moresby is calling for the recognition from the Government for micro enterprises and urges coming government to empower ordinary people.

Originating from Sinasina Yongomugl in the Simbu province, Kua came to Port Moresby in the early 1980’s. He then worked with Steamships Trading Company as a security guard at Boroko until he started sewing clothes for a living.

“People like me provide services just as any other service provider,” Kua told EMTV Online, comparing micro enterprises with bigger businesses.

“If the government can house us so we can be able to operate properly, then we can serve the people as well as earn a living in a more comfortable way.”

Kua wants leaders to bring changes that can impact lives of ordinary people at the lowest level possible.

“Sapos ol tok services, na kain man olsem mi ino kisim halavim long ol sevis ol tok long en, em mi ino klia?” (“If they proclaim about services, but if the services do not reach people like me, then I do not know what services the government is talking about.”)

His operational location where he serves his clients is a spot he secured 25 years ago near the entrance of Jade Island Trading, within the perimeters of the notorious Gordons market area.

Equipped with an old sewing machine plus other necessities, Kua effortlessly served thousands of Port Moresby residents with his tailoring service over the years.

“I provide service to all sorts of people including students and members of parliament,” Kua said.

Kua was anxious about the economic outlook of PNG. He told EMTV Online that his business is hard hit by the current economic situation; he gets fewer customers than before but is content with his daily takings.

“I believe in God who will give us right leaders who can save this country.”

Although Kua is in Port Moresby, he wants Kerenga Kua, PNG National Party (PNGNP) parliamentary Leader and Sinasina Yongomugl MP to retain his seat and become the Prime Minister.

“Kerenga Kua must become the prime minister because he is someone who writes laws and he will know what to do to save this nation.” Kua said.

Sharing with EMTV Online his daily experiences at Gordons, Kua was concerned about the growing number of unemployed youth who are heavily involved in illegal activities like bag snitching, drug abuse, pick-pocketing and harassment; which he claims is a result of the growing unemployment. He added that people need to survive in a harsh place that is the city.

Kua, who is now in his late 50’s proudly told EMTV Online he already built a big house just from doing his small business hence urges the next government to empower people with policies that can help them to be the change themselves.

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