Education Department Signs MoU For Nationwide Teacher NID Registration

By Elizabeth Guka – EMTV News Cadet Journalist

The Department of Education and the PNG Civil Identity Registry, today, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, to allow the registration of all teachers nationwide to take place.

The MoU requires officers from the Education Department to work closely with officers from the civil registry to ensure that teachers, as well as public servants within the National Education System, are all registered before 31st March 2019.

This will allow for the conduct of a nationwide registration for NID and birth certificates.

Minister for Education, Nick Kuman, stressed that the registration of teachers is vital and paramount.

“I am calling on the 59,000 teachers now to be fully registered under the National ID program before the 6th Pay of 2019. This is the pay period. After that, they will see automatic pay deductions to all teachers that are not registered under the National ID Program,” the Education Minister said.

National Planning Minister Richard Maru also present at the event, highlighted the importance of NID registration.

The Education Department has set a specific target to meet the registration deadlines.

According to the Acting Registrar General for PNG Civil Identity Registry the progress of registration conducted on teachers and public servants in the National Education System in country is slow but will soon ramp-up.

The MOU is effective for three months, beginning on the  1st of January and ending in March, and then it will be reviewed and revised for the National Education System Registration Program.


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