Deep Sea Mining Concerns

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A group of concerned Papua New Guineas are not giving uptheir fight against experimental seabed mining.

They callthemselves Papua New GuineaGroup against Experimental Seabed mining oPNG Gasem.


The group is concerned aboutthe impacts associated with seabed mining. The feeltheir concern on this serious issue of experimental seabed mining was taken lightly becausethey were not formally recognized.


Yesterday,they took a small but significant step by formally setting upthPNG Group against Experimental Seabed mining oPNG Gasem.


This will enablethem to raisetheir concerns without being intimidated. They are concernedthe issue of experimental seabed mining has been swept underthe carpet.


Chairman Moses Murray is leadingthe group to put an end to this issue. Nautilus Minerals Limited has always maintained thatthe project is safe, however, Mr. Murray said seabed mining is a worry to many coastal communities and has serious damaging impacts.


The group is also calling onthe Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) to respond totheir petition which was given tothem earlier this year.


Mining Minister Beron Chan said, in a recent Parliament seating thatthey are still deliberating on it.

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