CS Officer Aids Escape

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by Martha Louise

Madang’s Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector, Ben Neneo, has confirmed that a CS officer has aided the escape of a murder suspect, Francis Bumgai.

Bumgai was charged for murder and arm robbery at Ramu and was remanded at Beon jail.

Police was responding to disturbances at Balasiko settlement when they came across the prisoner who was accompanied by a CS officer.
Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector, Ben Neneo, says both the escapee and the CS officer were surprised to see police and acted suspiciously.
The officers questioned them but the prisoner said he was assisted to visit his family there.

Police later received a report from Correctional Service officers at Beon informing them that six prisoners from Beon had escaped.
Police alleged that the prisoner was escorted and aided by the CS officer to escape in the pretext of visiting family.
Beon CS Commander was informed and an investigation from both the police and CS are underway.

Police are on the lookout for the escapee who is now on the run.
Police are also in contact with the Beon CS commander for investigation and action to be taken against the CS officer involved.

Helen Sea

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Helen Sea