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By Samuel Raitano

The people of Lower Kaugel LLG in Tambul Nebilyer District of Western Highlands Province have been urged to take care of public services delivered to them.

Tambul Nebilyer District Development Authority CEO Philip Talpa made the call recently, during the opening of a double classroom funded by the National Fisheries Authority.

The students and parents of Bonga 1 and 2 council wards, were told that the district government must not be expected to assist them in all sectors at once, due to commitments and responsibilities for other LLGs as well.

Tambul Nebilyer DDA CEO, Philip Talpa stressed on the population increase within the LLG.

Mr Talpa said that the pressure to deliver equal services to the people of Tambul Nebilyer was there, given the limited resources and election petition cases against their current MP, Win Daki.

The call on the people is to take care of government assests and to appreciate the support from donor agencies and other stakeholders.

He also added that one of lower Kaugel people’s need is road upgrade, which has been noted by the DDA.

Meantime, it was also highlighted that road upgrade to Bonga is needed in order to assist public servants, patients, students and the general population in that part of the electorate.

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