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By Mortimer Yangharry

A classroom building of the Kasap Primary School in the Maip-Mulitaka LLG of the newly created Paiela-Pogera Open Electorate was burnt down due to a community dispute between two clans but quick community intervention with the assistance of police prevented a full blown tribal warfare.

Laiagam Police Station Commander Senior Sergeant Sam Begofa has been leading his policemen in talking to the two factions to come to a roundtable discussion for peace in the community to save the oldest educational institution in the area from being destroyed and burnt down to ashes.

PSC Begofa reported that the long overdue Preventive Orders for the Yandaip and the Ipait clans of the Monain Tribe of Kassap Village who fought over the burning of the classroom at Kassap Primary School was successfully issued to the Yandaip clan at Kassap Village in the Maip Mulitaka LLG and to the Ipait clan of Kusi Village in the Surinki LLG in the newly created Lagaip Open Electorate respectively by the Operation Mekim Save (OMS) of the Enga Provincial Law and Order Committee and the police on Wednesday.

Commander Begofa said that the warring clans stopped fighting three weeks ago after the community leaders intervened and negotiated peace among the two warring clans.

The Kasap Primary School is managed by the Catholic Church and has been providing basic elementary and primary education to the children of these two electorates for more than 30 years.

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