Co-Site Agreement Signed: Basil With Telikom

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The people of Bulolo District in the Morobe Province will soon have access to improved telecommunication services.

This was made possible through the signing of the co-site sharing agreement with Telikom yesterday. Bulolo MP, Sam Basil, said it will open up the district to the rest of the country and world.


Telecommunication service stills lacks in many remote parts of the country, but there are several districts working hard to link up their people to this vital service.


Bulolo District in the Morobe Province has ventured into an agreement with Telikom to make telecommunication services available to its people. Mr. Basil hopes the agreement signed will further boost the number of VSAT’s in the district.


Currently, there are two Telikom Towers which host transmitters for EMTV. More transmitters are expected to be brought in to the district to also telecast Kundu2.


The Co-Site Sharing Agreement coincides with the passing of K245, 000 by the Bulolo JDBPPC, for all outstanding bills the district owes to Telikom.


Mr. Basil said, the cost of the Co-Site Sharing Agreement stands at K400, 000, which will be paid from the DSIP allocation. Both parties have agreed on a better rate in providing this vital service.


Mr. Basil said, it has become common practice for many politicians to opt for free services provided by government agencies. This has resulted in many outstanding bills and poor service delivery. But he will pay for services rendered by Telikom PNG and treat them as business partners.

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