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Cebu: PNG Man Accused Of Rape

by Allanah Leahy – EM TV Online

Social media was alight this morning with a news report from Filipino news station GMA News TV in which a jailed Papua New Guinean man by the name of Hornis Melua Opa is seen clearly inebriated and near-conscious.

In an incident over the weekend, Opa was arrested for reportedly attempting to rape a woman working at a hotel.
According to a statement by Senior Police Officer Marcelino Sanchez in Filipino newspaper The Freeman, Opa was seated at Drive Way Inn, awaiting two ‘pimps’ to bring him a prostitute.
After allegedly growing impatient, Opa turned his attention to the cashier working at the hotel, suddenly approached her and ‘hugged and kissed her in the neck and arms’.
When the cashier struggled, Opa punched her in the face, bruising her. It was then that the victim screamed for help and two errand boys working at the inn rushed to her aid.
The two errand boys managed to subdue Opa and perform a citizen’s arrest.
Officer Sanchez said the suspect appeared to be drunk and under the influence of illegal drugs which is apparent in the video of a half-conscious Opa.
The subject was reportedly due for an attempted rape charge yesterday.

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