Caught Breaking Liquor Ban: Night Club Raid

A popular night club in the city was raided by police this morning for operating and selling liquor after the allocated trading hours for night clubs during the liquor ban.

Other small liquor shops selling beer were also raided and their contents confiscated.


Around 4 in the morning police were patrolling the Gordon’s area when coming across a huge crowd outside the club with some holding and drinking beer bottles and cans.


The Club is owned by Asian nationals.


Members of the crowd, when asked by police where they bought the beer, said they purchased from inside the club. When entering the club they found even more people consuming and buying beer.


They then confronted the owner, asking him why he was allowing people to drink inside the yard and still operating beyond the allocated time for night clubs during the liquor ban.


With the owner having nothing to say police then confiscated more than 200 cartons of beer, spirits and cigarette cartons.


Even those stored in the fridges were also confiscated.


They were loaded on to the police truck and taken to Gordons Police Station.


Police know the owner’s identity and have told him to turn up at Gordons police station were charges will be laid against him.


Other small liquor black markets at Gerehu and the Moresby-South electorate were also raided.

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