Cardinal Ribat: Government must help Islands affected with Climate Change

Cardinal Sir John Ribat, is urging the Government to help communities on Hahus and Andra islands in Manus.

Cardinal Ribat said the two islands are in danger following the dramatic rise in sea levels.

He made this statement yesterday following his recent visit to the two islands. Cardinal Ribat spoke strongly of the seriousness of the impacts climate change on small islands in the country.

According to the visit, less than 150 families live on these two islands. Cardinal Ribat says roads and other basic services have been affected as the islanders face uncertainty of their land. Cardinal Ribat says the Government must allocate separate funding for small islands in PNG without delay.

With more calls to the Government to address climate change issues in the country, the agenda of the Paris Agreement is now in doubt following US President Donald Trump’s remarks to derail the plan which nearly 200 countries including PNG, agreed to in 2015.

Apparently this would affect funding proceeds to help nations combat the effects of climate change.


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