Buchanan: Honor Mothers By Respecting Their Rights

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In celebrating Mother’s Day today, UN Women Country Representative Dr Jeffrey Buchanan, is calling on all to honor mothers by respecting their rights.

Dr Buchanan said women should be treated with dignity as they continue to bear most responsibilities for the News.

Mother’s Day is an important annual event celebrated to appreciate the role mothers play in enriching our lives.

However the admiration and gratitude towards most mothers in the country has gone from bad to worse.

In a statement by UN Women, Country Representative Dr Jeffrey Buchanan said mothers should be treated with greater appreciation.

Dr Buchanan said mother’s day is an opportunity to reflect upon the enormous task mothers do to nurture, provide for families and care for each member of a family.

The UN country representative added that respecting women as equals and sharing their vast contributions to families and communities is key to the development of a country.

Throughout the world women spend at least twice as much time on domestic work than men.

In PNG, gender equality and women’s empowerment is steadily improving, however more work remains for the Government, donor partners, private sector, NGO’s and the public.

And that is to eliminate violence and give women in PNG their rights as members of society.


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