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The Housing Minister Hon. Dr. Kobby Bomareo has categorically denied any knowledge of him authorizing Ms. Elizabeth Bowada from taking office yesterday as reported by a daily on Wednesday May 10, 2023.

Ms. Bowada was quoted as saying that the Housing Minister Hon. Dr. Kobby Bomareo gave her approval and blessing to resume her role as Managing Director.

Ms. Bowada also claimed that she took possession of the keys to the Office of the Managing Director after the blessing from the Housing Minister.

However, Dr. Bomareo yesterday denied the newspaper report as simply misleading and incorrect.

“I will reiterate here that I have never asked Bowada to come and sit down in the office, nor Mokono because the decision to appoint him as Managing Director was quashed.

“So, neither of them is allowed to come to the office at this point in time until the court is satisfied of their status.”

The Minister added that while the tussle between Mr. Mokono and Ms. Bowada drags on, he has called on the rank and file to continue the normal operations of the Corporation.

“I want to appeal to all rank and file of the National Housing Corporation to continue the normal business and operations of the National Housing Corporation.”

“We are already into the business of changing past perception of the National Housing Corporation as a corrupt organization to something that the public and government can envy, and the positive outcomes are expected in the near future.”

The Housing Minister also sought for an overhaul of the manpower needs of the organization going forward.

“I want skilled and knowledgeable people with the heart, determination and commitment to contribute and change perception of the National Housing Corporation.”   

He also alluded that the process to appoint the new NHC Board is on foot to correct the procedure that has left the vacuum in the position of the Managing Director.

Meanwhile the Waigani Supreme Court yesterday afternoon (Friday May 13, 2023) refused a Stay application by National Housing Corporation Managing Director, Mr. Henry J. Mokono. 

Single man presiding judge Justice Derek Hartshorn refused to grant stay orders after he was not convinced by Mr. Mokono’s “arguable grounds” presented by his lawyer, Mr. Wesley Bigi of Henaos Lawyers.

Justice Hartshorn however, acknowledged the appeal by Mr. Mokono that will come before the Supreme Court for substantive hearing on a date soon to be set. 

Effectively the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the National Court on 28th April, 2023 by Deputy Chief Justice, Justice Ambeng Kandakasi that “proper process” was not followed in the appointment of NHC managing director in 2021. 

This effectively means that everything goes back to the drawing board, requiring the NHC Board, if any, to convene and re-initiate the process of appointment of a managing director of the NHC sooner rather than later. 

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