Barbra Namuesh takes charge of a Meri Seif Bus in Lae

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Early this year, Barbra was approached by Ginigoada Foundation Manager with a new job.   Vanessa Dodowik asked if Barbra  could  drive a 30-seater bus that will transport only women, girls and school children free of charge in and around Lae city. Barbra  didn’t hesitate. She  took up the offer to be the driver of one of the two Ginigoada Meri Seif Buses. The buses were funded by the Australian Government with the support of UN Women and Pacific Women. They were launched in Lae yesterday Ginigoada Foundation manages and operates the Meri Seif Bus Program. The two buses will service selected routes in Lae. Today, on the first trip,  Barbra was accompanied by  women,  youths, UN representatives  and members of the Lae Chamber of Commerce. It was part of an awareness for the program.]]>