Bakery Truck Crashed and Burnt

Traffic came to a standstill at Hohola in Port Moresby after a truck crashed into a sidewall, before it ignited into flames.


The accident took place late last nightobut with no fatalities or known injuries.

The driver and passenger ofthe truck fledthe scene immediately afterthe accident.


Be sunrise all that remained of this delivery truck following last night’s accidentowas ash, broken and disfigured glass, and metal.


The company logo located insidethe truck managed to survivethe infern, which engulfedthe truck soon after it crashed into this sidewall.


Eyewithness, Gima Kore and his mates were sitting atthe top ofthe freeway tunnels whenthey withnessed everything.


Police, just opposite tothe accident site, were present to deter any futher trouble.


According tothem,they called in a tow-truck to removerthe vehicle beforethey leftthe scene.


The tow truck never came, and whenthey returned,the vehicle was already in flames.

Gima however says he was still watching fromthe hill and thatthe police never left. He also saidthe truck had somehow lit up.


“We saw truck in flames and we were confused howthe fire started because when it crashed,there were no sign of fire&hellipthen we realised that some people must have burntthe truck,” said Gima.

“The public didn’trsquo;t do anything whenthe accident happened and whenthe fire lit up becausethe police were also on sight,” he said.

It is becoming a common scenario were vehicles involved in accidents are vandalized or burnt tothe ground.


Attempts to get comments from Beumby’s Bekery today were unsuccessful.

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