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ATS Youths Take Lead on Addressing Law and Order Problems

By Eric Haurupma – EM TV, Port Moresby

After NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa issued directives to policemen to effect the ban of alcohol in NCD last month, the ATS community outside of Port Moresby upheld it through community policing in their area.

Youths have taken the lead in addressing law and order problems. At least 150 youths are now working alongside their community leaders to maintain peace through a community policing program.

A roadblock was conducted at the ATS bus stop to prevent people from smuggling home brew and drugs into their area.

ATS Community Police Coordinator Joseph Baiau said over the years ATS has been one of the NCD’s major criminal hotspots harbouring criminals from around NCD. 

“Many people in the area were affected by petty crime, car thefts and alcohol related problems,” he said.

However, since community policing began in 2008, the crime rate has dropped.  

He added that women and children are now able to walk around freely in designated locations like stores and markets to buy food.

“Many youths in the area have surrendered and done away with drugs and consuming home brew.”

This operation is specifically aimed at providing a happy and peaceful celebration over the festive season. It will run till January 9th 2015.

Eric Haurupma is a UPNG Journalism Student

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