Alotau District Plans Launched

The seven LLGs inthe Alotau district have handed intheir plans for 2013. They have launchedtheir plans for their LLGs, District and even have a website.

The Alotau team launchedtheir District Development Plan and LLG plans overthe weekend atthe AlotauInternational Hotel, Milne Bey, to show whatthey would like to achieve inthe coming years.

The team made up ofthe member of Alotau- Mr Charles Abel, and his Local Level Government presidents from Huhu, Makamaka, Maramatana, Daga, Weraura, Suau and Alotau LLG.

Rther than introducing new plans,they are trying to maintain a form of consistency with previous members to make sure that those plans that were introduced are carrlied right through.

They aim to achieve results and empowerthe people. They have 15 projects that fall intotheir priority sectors of TransportoCommunication, Education, Health, Law and Order andIncome Generation.

The results are already seen intheir district with solar powered lamps for villagers. Running water, rain water storage tanks, jetties, more transport boats anPM’s for each LLG.

Mr. Abel has also requested thatthe Administration Centre in Rabaraba be relocated to Alotau so thatthey can be more centralized and cut down on travel costs. It costs K200 for each officer to travel betweenthese locations. A decision has not been reached yet onthe relocation of administration office.

Eunice Taumomoa, National EMTV News

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