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Alois Jerewai to stand for East Sepik Regional

Mr. Alois Jerewai was nominated on Tuesday as a Candidate for East Sepik Regional Seat. He said by nominating he called on Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare to relinquish his seat for East Sepik Regional and pass the Baton on to him for the next segment of the relay.

Mr Jerewai has joined the PNG Labour Party, a party which is focusing on integral human development so that nationals can be empowered.

Every day when prominent Lawyer Alois Jerewai looks down at NCD from his home at Garden Hills he feels disappointed because what he see before him is foreign owned companies.As a lawyer it’s easier for him to aspire to become a Judge, but that would not be fulfilling for him, knowing that he could be contributing even more greatly if he was closer to the people that need help the most.

That is why he has put his hand up to run in this year’s election. Standing for the East Sepik regional seat, the seat held by Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, who has close ties to Mr Jerewai. In his words Alois Jerewai remembers when Sir Michael was called a stranger on the floor of parliament, and later a law on age made to oust him as PM. In picture form he said the warrior was struck down but he as the young warrier will pick up the spear of the fallen warrior and continue the journey.

Speaking on the policy of the PNG Labour party, which is led by Western Province Governor Dr Bob Danaya, he says Integral Human development will be the main focus in aking sure that Papua New Guineans have more say over their own resources.

A strong advocate against corruption, he wants to dismantle it from its root cause, which he believes is Waigani. And, Autonomy for all provinces is his answer.

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