All Provinces to have Provincial Health Authority

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The National Government plans to introducethe Provincial Health Authority concept tothe rest ofthe provinces.


Currently only seven pilot provinces havethe Provincial Health Authorities.

The Authority isthe government’s attempt to improverthe health system inthe country, one that’s still not reachingthe mass population in rural areas despite a lot of money being allocated.


The Badies are to improverthe managementocoordination and implementation of Health Services atthe Provincial Level.


Southern Highlands Governor William Powi told Parliament he wanted one for his province.


The Health Ministersaidthe Governor’s query was timely asthe Health department plans to combine rural health services with Provincial Hospitals and Southern Highlands will be included.


Also on Health Tambul Nebilyer MP Benjamin Poponawa called for the Tambul Rural Health Centre to be upgraded to a Hospital. The Health Ministersaid he will look into it.

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