Adventurers Day Out at Jack Pidik

Seventh DayAdventist children inthe nation’s capital who callthemselves Adventurers spenttheir Easter Monday with more fun atthe Jack pidik Park.

Organised bythe Seventh DayAdventistothis is part ofthe church’s program for children aged between five and nine.

Children fromthe fifty four churches inthe city turned out intheir respective colours and participated in activities such as balloon-popping, tunnel ball and overhead pass.

Adventurer coordinator for NCDC Dickson Marabu saidthe church recognises April first as a fun day for Adventurers as it believes in socialising children for a healthy growth.

The children are taught allthe skills intheir classesuring Sabbath and exposetheir skills on April first each year.

He says this is part of a standard curriculum taught to all Adventist children worldwide.

Parents and guardians werethere supplying drinks tothe children asthey spent time inthe company of each ther.

Mr Marabu thankedthe parents for their support and said a talent show for the children will also be organised later inthe year.

Ruth Rungula, National EMTV News

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