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Adidas Launches Shoe Just for Women

By Daphne Rasehei – Emtv Online

Adidas has announced a running shoe that changes the design of women’s shoe process on its head.

Most athletic footwear designed for women is adapted from athletic footwear designed for men. But recently, fitness brands have started to change more than just the look and length of women shoes but modifying the structure in other areas as well.

These observations led to the PureBoost X Shoe for Women.

“Women’s feet change and shift with every movement,” said Vice President of Training Kate Ridley at the Adidas Women’s Summit in Los Angeles.

The gap exists because the shoe was designed specifically for women. The three year process of designing this shoe began with the realization that women runners want something that’s the ultimate combination between performance and style.

“We wanted to create something that felt like a natural extension of the body,” Ridley says.

The floating arch functions like an extra-sturdy sock—when it’s not glued to the sole, the arch can move while still providing support.

The result, Adidas says, is a design that accommodates the range of motion and expansion observed in the female foot.

While the floating arch design is unique, it follows a broader trend in the running industry. Where designers are placing more emphasis into the top of the shoe rather than just tweaking the size and colour.

The shoe was launched today and Adidas says that the feedback from different women has been positive.


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