A Risky Business: Market Vendors’ Struggles

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By Theckla Gunga – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Fresh produce vendors who market their goods next to the Gordons bus stop say they have no place else to sell their produce. This group of vendors said that while the new Gordons Vegetable Market is still under construction, they will continue to sell near the bus stop.

But this possesses two possible threats, the first of being run-over by PMV buses and the risk of getting ill because of the raw sewerage that flows through that area.

Vendors, especially mothers, sell their vegetables on the side of the busy bus stop. They said they do not have any place else to sell market their produce.

In one day at least 50 to 70 mothers go there to sell their market produce, despite knowing that they can easily be run over by a PMV bus or get sick because of the blocked sewerage.

Since the construction of the new Gordons Market took place, many vendors have found it difficult to sell their produce at a safe location.

The fresh produce vendors at 9 Mile, just outside Port Moresby, face a similar situation. They also market their produce just on the side of the highway leading into Laloki in the Central Province.

There are times, these vendors have been asked to go to the Boroko vegetable market to sell their goods, but they say the place is limited and they need to make ends meet.

Theckla Gunga

graduated with an Arts Degree from the University of Papua New Guinea, with majors in Journalism and Public Relations. Her passion in news gathering lies in reporting on Crime and Court stories. She is into her third year reporting with EMTV and loves the challenge of being in a once male dominated field.

Theckla Gunga