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A Passionate Plea for Justice

The “shine the light’ Vigil, which concluded the “cry for justice: march yesterday, saw the largest gathering of Papua New Guineans yet, in the push for societal change, following Jenelyn Kennedy’s murder.

That platform, which was broadcast across the country on EMTV Online’s Facebook page, gave GBV advocates, an opportunity to deliver key messages to those able to make changes.

In a powerful plea, a young woman’s voice cut through.

How many more of your sisters and nieces, and daughters and granddaughters, and aunties and mothers must die before we really say enough is enough??? -Yvette Renagi 

It was titled “how many more”

An epic piece of poetry delivered with emotion to a silent, wary audience.

Renagi, hitting point after point, the frustrations and pain felt by so many around the country.

It was a  voice, cutting through the dark, desperate void of PNGs society.

She questioned openly, why Papua New Guinean culture, justifies actions caused by men.

How many sons are we raising with lies about culture and religion; that these avenues validate the actions of an inhumane human being? Don’t you dare say they behave like animals!

And she spoke the truth, with a conviction that hinted at oppression.

And then, as so many are now doing, pushed for tighter laws and for help to be there when needed the most.

I just want to be a woman free of the fear of death in my own home. I just want to be a woman who can call upon law enforcement without hopelessness. I just want to be a woman. A human being. I would like to stay alive.

Her discourse was one of many presented last night at the “shine a light” vigil held for Jenellyn Kennedy.

It was the most powerful.

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