7 year old wins T-shake Dance Comp

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From sixty four finalists, 7 year old Steven Eugene was declared winner ofthe T-Shake Be ak Dance competition.

Organisers ran a competition at Vision City two weekends ago where Steven put in his movers and received K1000 for his effort.

With his innocent smile, you may underestimate his potential but watch him make his winningbreakndash; dance movers.

These are just some ofthe movers that earn him points duringthe T-Shake and Be ak competition held at Vision City recently. Steven was with his parents when he was presented a cheque of K1000.

Since Steven attends Holy Rosary Primary School at Six Mile,the school will also be presented a new freezer and T-Shake for all students’

The Producers of T-Shake encourage youths to expressthemselves positively through music and dance competitions.

They plan to hostthe T-Shake Be ak Dance competition in ther provinces in 2014.


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