2014 Budget Allocations

Beginning tomorrow, some provincial governments will be deliberating on their 2014 budget allocations.

Enga Governor, Peter Ipatas, said his government is ready to implement its funding allocation at over K200 million.


However, the governor expressed dissatisfaction, saying it is not sufficient enough to spread out to all impact projects.


Some of Enga’s impact projects include the new general hospital, the nursing and teachers’ colleges, the Mukurumanda jail and the correctional service barracks.


Many of the initiatives, such as infrastructure development, will continue to come under the Pogera Joint Venture schemes.


However, Governor Ipatas said he is not happy with the allocation for Enga this year, which is over K200 million.


He said this is not enough to complete these impact projects and other smaller projects as well.


The governor said the remaining funds will be allocated to roads, airstrips, law and order and overall infrastructure maintenance.


He expressed concerns about the provincial jail and Correctional Service projects.


He said law and order needed more attention and funding to assure investor confidence in the province.


Enga, known for its fee free education policy, will continue the program this year.


The provincial government will continue to pump funds into the Engan Children Funds Trustee to back this policy.

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