2013 World children’s Report Launched

The 2013 State oftheWorld Children’s Report was launched in Port Moresby last week. It focuses on children with disabilities.

The report gives key recommendations on how countries can improverthe situation of children with disabilities andtheir families.

The report was launched by United NationsChildren’s Fund representative tPNG Beba Danbappa, duringthe national disability policy review workshop.

Mr Danbappa saidthe report is rallying partners to address policies, skills and budgeting to make sure no child is left behind.

The report highlights that many disabled children face barriers totheir participation inthe civic, social and cultural affairs oftheir communities.

During last week’s policy review workshop, one parent said she has strived for more than a decade to ensure her hearing impaired children receivedthe same benefits as any able child.

IPNG, education is a primary focus for many Disabled Persons Organizations. These DPOs have already begun programs to make education accessible to children with disabilities.

There are currently twenty three education resource centres in 18 provinces that accommodate people with a disability, as well as provide training for teachers for inclusive education.

The State oftheWorld’s Children Report offers key recommendations such as involving disabled children in decision making, engaging families who have disabled children in community-based rehabilitation programs, and fighting discrimination against disabled children.

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