Broncos beat Orchids 48 points to 14

By Godwin Eki – EMTV Sports, Port Moresby


The Oil Search PNG Orchids showed great level of performance at the first whistle to defend the Broncos who led in the first half with 26 points Orchids 4.

In the second half, Orchids failed to work on their defense as Broncos took dominated one try after another to thump the Oil Search PNG Orchids 48 points to 14 at full time.

Five minutes into the first-half, it was the Broncos who took hold of the ball from the Orchids.

Amelia Kuk scoring the first try for the Broncos.

Orchids try to maintain their defense but it wasn’t enough to hold back the Broncos as they scored their second try.

Orchids working extra on attack, managed to get the ball through Naomi Kaupa to score for the Orchids.

But it wasn’t long before Broncos returned the favor two tries from Chelsea Baker and one from Julia Robinson brought the score to Broncos 26, Orchids 4 at half-time.

In the second half, Broncos sticking with their game plan defended well top score two more tries in just minutes.

Orchids returned the favor by scoring two more tries to bring their score to 14 but it wasn’t enough to beat the mighty Broncos at full time final score, Broncos 48, Oil Search PNG Orchids 14.

Godwin Eki

has been a Sports Reporter since he started work with Media Niugini Limited in 2013, under News and Production. Coming from a background in Nursing and Paramedics from Queensland, Australia, he finds it interesting covering sports from the community level right through to the regional level. Hoping to one day tap into reporting on PNG politics, economics, environmental issues and other challenges Papua New Guineans face, he’s also covered stories on a variety of topics other than sports. His philosophy is: Believe, Act and Pursue.

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