Yoga City

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured. 


So when the noise gets too much and the City envelops you in its humdrum, open yourself to yoga and find the method in all the madness. Find clarity and calm in the chaos so that you can live to the fullest and your best.


YogaCity is a series that does not deride the modern life, but will help you find the key to your own piece of calm within the City. Whether at a traffic signal or in your buzzing corner office, you will find that it is easier than you think to  – Don’t just always do something…but also just sit there!

In a media conference this morning, the Opposition claimed that the Independent Public Business Corporation has requested for a further K8 million for the procurement of spare parts for these generators.

The issue was also raised during question time in parliament.

Before parliament was called in yesterday, the Opposition called a press conference.

It was another attack on the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and State Investment Minister Ben Micah on the 50 million kina power deal.

The Opposition leader claimed that there was another addition of K8 million to the K50 million payment and the 94 million kina NEC submission.

This query was later presented in parliament when Deputy Opposition leader Sam Basil asked Minister Micah a series of questions.

He wanted to know if there was a supply agreement in place for the purchase of the two generators and if IPBC requested for a further funding of K8 million for spare parts.

Minister Micah responded, not giving a direct answer however, asking Mr. Basil to put these questions on notice paper for him to respond.

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