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Port Moresby
January 24, 2021


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Karate Do development officer, Sempai Willie Leslie, spoke about the sport of Karate and how he hopes his fighters will do the nation proud. The way of life, is the translation of Karate do.


Soft-spoken, Sempai or master, Willie Leslie, speaks of the art of karate and how he is hopeful that the code can make an impact on the national scene.


With his involvement in the sport spanning two decades, the development aspect of Karate has seen more involvement by a younger generation of fighters.


Over forty fighters have been selected with the end of July scheduled for final selection of a 40 man squad.


When asked if the selection phase was too early, Sempai Willie said that getting the fighters ready while at their peak, was very important.


Karate Do is a sport on the rise, and 2015 will see the fighters ready, and able to represent the nation well.

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