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Anitua Promotes Women to Address Gender Inequality

Two recent promotions within Anitua Retail are further testimony to the efforts the Anitua Group is making to address gender inequality and empower women in the workplace.

More importantly, the promotions are a testimony to the considerable talent and work ethic of PNG women. Retail General Manager, John Svenson, has spent many years working all over PNG and says “we are very aware of the gender inequity that exists in PNG’s employment market place and make a concerted effort to ensure that women are not overlooked when it comes to recruitment, development and promotion.

We have ‘invested’ in Jenny and Rossina over the years and now have the benefit of two highly competent and professional women heading up two of our businesses.”


Jenny Kusa

 New job title: Retail & Logistics Operations Manager, Mainland PNG
 Key responsibilities: Oversee and coordinate Anitua’s retail and logistics  business in Mainland PNG
 Feelings about promotion: It’s exciting and challenging
 Best qualities you bring to the job: My ‘can do’ attitude and personality
 Years working for Anitua: 5
 First job with Anitua: Debt collector
 Years retail experience: 8

 “I love working for Anitua. The company has looked after and nurtured me in to the person I am today – I’m not only a better employee and manager but a better person overall. I have a fantastic team of staff supporting me who are always on the go, as well as great support from my bosses as well. I thank Anitua and my bosses for the honour that my promotion brings as well as the trust they have put in me. I’m also very grateful for the opportunities they provide to so many PNG women across the country.”


Rosina Ilamia

 New job title: Retail Operations Manager, NGI Region

 Key responsibilities: Overseeing Anitua’s hardware and supermarket operations on Lihir and other outlets as we expand throughout the NGI Region
Feelings about promotion: Honoured, very grateful and looking forward to the challenge
Best qualities you bring to the job: A focus on the customer’s needs and leadership
Years working for Anitua: 6
First job with Anitua: Assistant Manager
Years retail experience: 17

“Working in retail was not my initial career choice but it certainly has paid off. I’ve done lots of different jobs in lots of different industries and I firmly believe that this diversity is a real asset in terms of career progression ….. I’m very proud to work for Anitua as it is a 100% PNG owned company and it promotes gender equity as well as fights for safer workplaces for PNG women through its Elimination of Violence Against Women program.”

 Source: Anitua Corporate Services




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