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May 15, 2021
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WNBPHA workers urged to make informed decision about vaccination

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As of the month of April, West New Britain Province has recorded an accumulative total of 648 confirmed COVID-19 cases of which 380 have recovered and 268 remain active. Number of cases for the month of April alone totaled up to 440.

West New Britain Provincial Health Authority announced in a statement that the ICU ward is full and they have had to isolate COVID-19 patients in lodges and hotels.

The new isolation facility is known as the White House and is being prepared to cater for close to a total of 78 patients.

Chairman of West New Britain Provincial Health Authority, Dr Mathias Sapuri, urged all front-line health workers in West New Britain to learn the scientific facts regarding COVID-19 and make informed decisions when deciding whether or not to take the vaccine.

Sapuri said front-liners are at risk of contracting the disease, therefore they should not succumb to public misinformation. 

The vaccination program in WNBP begins on the 5th of May 2021, with 3000 vaccines . A follow up with the second doses will be rolled out 12 weeks after the first jab.

Sapuri says they are working closely with teams in the nation’s capital Port Moresby to increase the supply of vaccines as they become more available.

Dr Sapuri, took the first jab on the 31st of March 2021, along with other senior health staff and politicians.

He said, after the vaccination, he had not experienced any side effects from taking the jab and as part of his routine, comes into contact with and continues to treat COVID-19 patients now and since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

“I took the vaccine because I am at a very high risk of being infected by patients. Covid 19 is real and I have lost a very close brother and friend, an aunty and many patients that died from covid 19 in Port Moresby since March 2020.”

“Two doses of astrazeneca will give you 90 percent protection from infection, more than 95 percent change to survive serious covid 19 infection in hospital and recent UK data confirmed risk of infection to close contact reduced by 50 percent. “

“My plea to our country men and women in the front line to take the vaccine. See what is happening in India over the last few weeks is very frightening. Take the vaccine to protect you, your families, your patients, and your loved one.”

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