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By Mortimer Yangharry

The Wabag District Development Authority (WDDA) is committed to continue the rollout of its rural electrification project throughout the newly built roads in the district.

The Birip- Aiyel Valley road project will commence gravelling which will see the continuation of the rollout of the rural electrification project to the upper Aiyal Valley with the rural electrification extension to cover Takenda to Piaulam villages respectively.

Wabag Open MP and Health Minister Dr Lino Tom’s vision is to continue the roll out of rural electrification to all villages accessible by roads which the Wabag District Development Authority has built over 14 roads from 2017-2022 and will continue from 2022-2027 with some roads already identified to be sealed.

It is the WDDA’s vision to have villages accessible by roads to have constant reliable electricity supply when the rural housing scheme project is implemented this year.

Minister Tom announced last year that a corrugated roofing iron factory will be built near Wabag to supply all villagers with roofing irons as locally milled timber will be produced by sawmills and chainsaws to be supplied by WDDA to respective council wards throughout the Wabag Rural and Wabag Urban LLGs. The Maramuni LLG had already started off this project late last year.

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