Visitor Survey Aims to Boost Tourism Development in PNG

The International Finance Corporation is a complimentary arm of the World Bank Group.

The IFC was established in 1956 and is owned by 184 countries who collectively determine their policies. It is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets.

IFC is partnering with the Papua New Guinea Government to survey international arrivals to the country. Data gathered will help improve visitor services, inform marketing activities and increase investment in the tourism sector.

The New Zealand Tourism Research Institute (NZTRI) of Auckland University, in partnership with the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA), will conduct the international visitors survey (IVS). The comprehensive survey will measure travel patterns and behavior of visitors arriving by air and will also track visitor expenditure by market segment.

“The IVS will provide important data on consumer behavior, profiles, and preferences, helping stakeholders make evidence-based decisions to meet market needs,” IFC Resident Representative for PNG, Gavin Murray said.

“Tourism development is a key focus area for IFC, particularly as tourism occurs in regional areas where economic opportunity is much needed.”

The Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Tobias Kulang, met with government and business owners at a workshop this week to discuss the IVS methodology and content. Following a trial in November and December, the online-based survey will start in January and run for twelve months. The NZTRI will update stakeholders semi-annually and provide training to the TPA.

“This survey will give us essential data to better inform our national tourism policy and marketing efforts, while providing feedback to the industry on individual products,” said Minister Kulang.

“Tourism is a growing sector in Papua New Guinea and these results will help to achieve our goal of doubling arrivals every five years.”

The Australian Government supports IFC’s program in Papua New Guinea.

“We are committed to strengthening the integration of local businesses to increase jobs and benefits flowing into Papua New Guinea,” said Jodie McAlister, Counselor, and Australian High Commission.

“The insights from the IVS will be valuable to drive growth of tourism and related businesses.”

Last year, Papua New Guinea recorded 198,685 visitors. The IVS follows a report conducted earlier this year by IFC to assess the impact of cruise tourism in Papua New Guinea. The report found cruise tourism brought Australian $5.9 million into Papua New Guinea’s economy in 2015, with an estimated $200,000 in indirect economic benefits.

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